So, you’ve decided to build a boat dock. You’ll need to consider various things before starting boat dock construction. Today, I am going to share five tips that will really come in handy in your endeavor.

  1. Know the Types of Boat Docks

You can select among various types of boat dock designs such as floating dock, multi-level dock, etc. Once you decide the best option, it’ll help you plan and complete your boat dock constructionDocks project much more manageable.

For instance, consider floating and fixed docks. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you need something permanent, go for a ‘fixed dock’. However, it might not be entirely suitable for areas where the tides get very high. In that case, you might need to build a ‘floating dock’.

Furthermore, you can opt for different dock shapes. Usually, people choose to create standard rectangular docks. If you want to get innovative, you can go for a design that incorporates different angles. Some examples are T-dock, inverse L-dock, U-dock, or Y-dock.

  1. Surveying and Measurement

Before starting boat dock construction, familiarize yourself with the area. Set the size and design of your boat dock according to your selected place. Also, it’ll be wise to know about the water conditions in the area.

  1. Design Carefully

Design your boat dock according to your chosen location, budget, and use. You should make a list of possible applications for the dock, e.g., picnics, water fights, stargazing, sitting, relaxing, barbeques, or swimming.

  1. Set Your Budget

It is one of the most important things to decide before building the boat dock. Your budget will primarily determine what type of dock you can create and what the quality of materials will be. So, grab a pen and paper and start budgeting.

  1. Choose the Appropriate Decking Material

Most people settle on pressure-treated wood for construction. There are other options, too, and again, it all depends on your conditions.

Hopefully, these five useful tips will help you create one of the best boat docks in the neighborhood.